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Bitcoin Ordinals are an interesting, if controversial, development. While plenty of technical information is available regarding Ordinals, the more meaningful questions remain unanswered:

  • how will Ordinals impact the greater Bitcoin economy?
  • do Inscriptions have use cases beyond art and collectables?
  • what motivates and inspires the creators of these digital artifacts?
  • what are Stamps and will they really destroy Bitcoin?
  • can’t all this stuff be done on Lightning somehow, like with RGB?
  • and of course, which Inscriptions will prove to be good investments?

Art Hodl exists to answer these and other questions – and to have some fun in the process!

About Steve

Steve doesn’t always discuss himself in the third person but when he does, he feels a lot like Caesar. He got involved in Bitcoin in early 2013, first working as a crypto journo and then as a writer for various crypto exchanges and info sites. Nowadays he plays a lot of golf and is entirely to blame for this website. He may start a blog to recount his further adventures if the public clamor for it does not abate.


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